• Our Team

    We believe in our people, and are one team

    Paul Mason

    Managing Director

    Coming from an engineering background in automotive and connection sectors, Paul joined Nordell in 2002 and managed a series of significant business changing projects along with an acquisition in 2006 through to leading the MBO in early 2013. Through energised and committed development and strengthening team structure, with particular attention to investment in people, Paul and the Nordell team are continuing the development of Nordell for world class manufacturing.

    Paul Rowe

    Technical Director

    With 25 years spent in mould toolmaking and injection moulding, Paul joined Nordell in 2014 having previously built up and run a successful competitors business, Paul’s experience, skills and keen eye for improvement and opportunities, are an integral part of Nordell's strategic business development and its improving performance.

    Paul's plastic part design knowledge, combined with mould tool design and manufacture experience add strength and depth to our team of enthusiastic engineers who are committed to seeing your project through to successful “on time” completion.

    Andy Hodge

    Commercial Director

    Heading up Nordell's Production Sales and Procurement since joining in 2007, Andy is the bridge between Nordell and our most important stakeholders, our customer-base and supply chain. His previous experience, gained from planning and purchasing roles within the plastics industry, and running a logistics business, ensures we stay at the forefront of delivering our service to our customers and maximising our business opportunities.


    Liam Price

    Operations Manager

    A driven operations professional, Liam has lead operations across the UK in both manufacturing and engineering, and is the backbone to the creation and delivery of our operational management and development, under Liam's leadership. Our dynamic manufacturing teams have created and delivered significant gains since he joined in 2015.

    Emma Penn

    Business Systems Manager

    Redesigning our business manual from the ground up, defining a modernised sleek and usable management system, Emma is the positive and levelled voice in the Nordell leadership team since 2015 and has been championing exceptional business systems in all areas, including the project management of our business critical ERP implementation in 2017 and our Quality Assurance programme in 2018.

    Mark Briggs

    Finance Manager

    With over 15 years of finance experience in a range of manufacturing industries, Mark joined Nordell in December 2015 to redefine and develop Nordell's financial management. Mark also manages our most important asset Nordell team. He brings energy and clarity in his approach and continues to identify and support value adding opportunities and investments in our teams and business developments.

    Chris Hale

    Manufacturing Engineer

    Since 2007 Chris has provided engineering improvements to our business teams, and heads the day to day running of our continuous engineering development, building in quality and accuracy to all aspects of what we do, Chris's knowledge, experience and solutions provide essential support in our business delivery of quality and its application of Engineering science.

    Seb Foschini

    Logistic Manager

    Delivering customer requirements for over 20 years, Seb heads our logistics team who ensure materials, works orders and sales orders are systematically managed and processed expediently through all areas of the business through to customer receipt. Seb is driven by customer satisfaction of our service levels.

    Lee Konasik

    Assurance Manager

    Joining Nordell in 2008, Lee has worked through all Levels in Nordell from auditing to production and manufacturing before taking up his current role in assuring compliance with our integral business management systems ISO9001, 14001 and our UL certification UL746D.

    Elliot King

    Finishing Manager

    Having worked his way through Nordell's assembly and finishing operations since joining Nordell, Elliot now heads up this department and continues to prove the benefits of our Lean development as well as being the founding member of our 5S team and role through the business.

    Ayden King

    Manufacturing Manager

    With his engineering qualifications, along with his time served apprenticeship in Injection Moulding, Ayden's enthusiasm for delivering performance improvements and his eager approach to new concepts ensures our Injection Moulding and Extrusion develop continually.   

    Neda Pociute

    Skills and resource Manager

    Self motivated and natural lead, Neda's Management of our operational skills and resource is key to delivering time and time again. From our plan, through departments to our customers. Goal driven in supporting our adherence to plan and delivering optimal cost and time between departments.

    Eric Sherborne

    Night Shift Manager

    For 25 years Eric has supported Nordell through its development and manages our night shift team. Eric's energy to identify, learn and understand improvements, along with his considerable experience having worked through our manufacturing and quality departments ensures he is well placed in supporting and delivering performance from our overnight operations.

    Teresa Blackman

    Customer Care

    Customer focused and manufacturing aware, Teresa leads our customer care and sales order processing. Teresa's 30 years manufacturing experience, 17 in plastics means she is able to effectively liaise through our manufacturing to our clients and provide continuous development in our pursuit of service excellence.

    Zoltan Meszaros

    Moulding Development Engineer

    Using his key skills and qualifications in Injection Moulding, Automation, Electrical technology and managerial disciplines, along with 18 years experience in the industry, Zoltan strengthens our continuous improvement on new and existing projects for our customers.


    Jason Munday

    Quality Development Engineer

    With 9 years experience of working within a Quality and Plastics manufacturing background, Jason 's self motivation and attitude helps him get results. He has a passion for Quality Assurance and understanding customer needs. With a level head and measured approach Jason is developing Nordell's Operational Quality Assurance system.

    Virginija Mitokaite

    Finished Goods Manager

    Working through our Operations, with time spent in Manufacturing and Assembly, Virginija moved into our logistics department in 2016 and supported our ERP development through 2017. Virginija's eye for accuracy and detail, and her attention to schedule and adherence to plan have helped us systematically develop our logistics operations into a bar-coded and serialized customer-focused service.