What Does Nordell Manufacture In Our ISO 7 Cleanroom?

Manufacturing Precision Parts For The Medical Sector

As you may well know by now, Nordell is proud to offer a cleanroom injection moulding service to our clients and customers.


The facilities were built on-site in 2020.


Our decision to build a cleanroom was made fairly swiftly after we had carried out our feasibility. Although building a cleanroom is a complicated process, using cleanroom experts TCA (Total Clean Air) made the process very easy. Once the plans were in place, the installation took just six weeks.


You can read more about the creation of our cleanroom; the blog also includes a timelapse video of the cleanroom taking shape.


But why did we make such a big investment? And what do we manufacture in the cleanroom?


Cleanroom Environment


Firstly, let’s look at Nordell’s current cleanroom environment.


Our cleanroom environment significantly decreases the chances of product pollution and provides a clean air area for production using 14 ULPA (Ultra-Low Particular Air Filtration) filters delivering 60 air changes per hour. ULPA efficiency rating removes 99.999% of airborne particles.


Further contamination is prevented through the use of Cleanroom PPE such as gowning, hairnets and overshoes, reducing fibres and potential contaminants from
entering the cleanroom and interfering with production and research.


Fourteen high-speed Electric Injection mould presses are housed within our cleanroom with clamp forces of 100tn to 120tn allowing us to provide fast and effective cleanroom injection moulding services.


What Do Nordell Make In The Cleanroom?


Nordell manufacture parts for the medical sector in our cleanroom, although essentially we have the capability of manufacturing parts from any sector that requires ISO 7 controlled air cleanroom standard including industries such as pharmaceutical, electrical, and aerospace.


You can read more about our cleanroom injection moulding services on our dedicated webpage.


You can also contact Nordell for more information.

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