Celebrating International Women’s day

March 8th, 2021 - International Women’s day

Nordell Ltd are an equal opportunities employer and are passionate about encouraging people to pursue a career in manufacturing. We are proud to employ a high ratio of female workers compared to the industry average, ranging from Operations roles to Senior Management.


Last year with around 80 employees, women made up more than 25% of our employees. Today with the workforce increased to 146 employees the number of women employed is 20% which is still a very high number for the manufacturing sector.


At Nordell, we like to buck the trend where possible. One way we do this is by attracting a significant number of women into the engineering industry. Recent statistics show that women make up less than 10% of the engineering workforce, we believe that it is imperative that more women are inspired to consider skills within the engineering and manufacturing space.


In recent years, we have made a huge push to employee new managers and team leaders as the business grows; a move which has also raised the number of women in leadership roles who are responsible for managing and supervising the engineering and manufacturing operations of plastic parts.


What Nordell as a business may be considered to be doing differently is actually nothing different at all - having an open mind in an industry which has been predominantly a male environment just means that we are able to ensure the right person is in the right seat within our business which is supported only by their desire for the position, their understanding of what is required of them, and their capacity to succeed given the right support and  environment.


Two of our Nordell ladies who have key roles in the company include Neda Pociute and Virginija Mitokaite.


Neda Pocuite Nordell

Neda Pociute – Nordell Manufacturing Production Manager 
Neda joined Nordell 5 years ago and now manages a team of 15 direct reports as our Manufacturing Production manager.

Neda plays a pivotal role, ensuring our complex production plans come to life and are put into action on the factory floor.

Self-motivated and a natural lead, Neda's Management of our operational resource is key to delivering time and time again. From our plan, through departments to our customers. Goal driven in supporting our adherence to plan and delivering optimal cost and time between departments.



Virginija Mitokaite

Virginija Mitokaite – NPI (New Product Introduction) Facilitator
Virginija also joined the Nordell team 5 years ago. Having held various positions including our Logistics department.

She now works in the NPI team, managing the implementation of new products.

Posted 9 months ago By Nordell HQ
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