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There is always an improvement to be made


The Nordell technical team are industry leading and will assist you in refining your product at the “DFM” (design to manufacture) stage. We have extensive knowledge of plastic materials and are expert in their properties and capabilities. Our team will ensure the right material is chosen for your product and meets its application requirements. Please take the opportunity to speak to the Nordell NPI team early in your design stage to ensure you realise the best value return on investment. The Nordell Design for Manufacture process will ensure your costs are controlled and your finished product meets your exact specification. Tell us what you need and we will be happy to offer you our expert advice. 


Design for Manufacture is a widely overused and commonly misunderstood activity that time-served manufacturers like Nordell can bring to a product design, resulting in significant time and cost savings. With recent advancements in FEA software and 3D printing, designs can reach a far more mature state prior to placement for tender with the manufacturing sector.


Although these advancements have their place, increasingly, when interrogated for manufacture, changes are needed which are both costly in monetary terms, and vitally, can cause project delays. Nordell have a proven track record of speedily understanding your requirements, the performance attributes required from your new products and making time and cost saving suggestions from the first consultation.


Being centrally positioned within a huge and wide-ranging array of business sectors, there are often improvements to be made. We pride ourselves on being able to draw down on our knowledge and directly and speedily apply this to your products. Increasingly, when we are being asked to undertake this service at a much earlier point in the product development, we provide real improvements in terms of cost, efficiency and performance.


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