Mould Flow Analysis

Innovative Analysis To Improve Your Product

Mould flow analysis is the process of simulating an injection moulding cycle with a particular plastic and analysing the results. Mould flow analysis should happen before the injection moulding process begins, through the use of specialised software that simulates the design of the part to be manufactured. Since the flow of the liquid material in the mould makes a massive difference to the behaviour of the product, this step can save a great deal of effort and time in the development of your product. This software creates colour maps of different properties of the design as they would be reflected in the actual mould flow. These may include: heating/cooling, fill pattern, injection pressure, potential air traps, shear stress, fibre orientation, and many more properties.


The product development process is much more complex than just creating a design and having a machine spit out material in a desired shape; plastics are not as inert as they seem and do not operate like static building blocks; The colour maps created by mould flow analysis assist in adaptive changes of the design in order to create a quality product before the moulding process actually occurs. This ensures that when a prototype or product goes into production, it is going to perform and behave optimally. Despite the overhead that it adds to the process, mould flow analysis more than makes up for this in terms of final quality.


Through our Nordell Xiamen facility, we can offer full mould flow analysis of you part, this does require an outline tool design and ideally, a preferred material (data sheet).  Armed with this information we can predict  a variety of moulding conditions and finished plastic part attributes. These include: mould filling analysis, shrinkage predictions, weld line, gas traps and void analysis, warpage and distortion  predictions, and the optimal tonnage needed to successfully mould your part.

Our software package and the insight if offers, combined with over 50 years of experience in mould tool design, material selection and  a lifetime spent pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved from the injection moulding process, ensures Nordell’s competitive edge and combines our ability to blend the best simulation software with time served skill, significantly reducing the surprises, once you have committed your tooling budget.


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