Nordell Customer Charter


At Nordell we are all focussed on delivering a great service to our customers. The Nordell customer Charter is a promise to our customers, setting the expectations of how we will do business - Our SLA (Service level agreement).


We underpin the Nordell customer Charter with the Nordell Mission statement.


We thrive on feedback from our customers through regular review meetings, our Trustpilot reviews and from our annual NPS (Net promoter score) survey.


It is important that we get regular feedback from our customers to understand what we can do to continuously improve. We complete our NPS survey every October and benchmark the year on year result and publish the results on our website. If you are a customer and would like to take part in the NPS survey, email us at

Getting it right. We will:
  • Never compromise quality
  • Always uphold the highest standards of Ethical and Environmental integrity
  • Work with you to deliver an on-time Service level that exceeds 98%
  • Apologise and put it right if we make a mistake
  • Use your feedback to improve how we do things
Open and Honest. You can trust us to:
  • Deliver on our Promises
  • Be helpful, polite, and treat you fairly and with respect
  • Work with you to deliver your goals
  • Follow processes correctly
  • Share all news – Good and Bad
  • Give you our honest opinion
Keeping you informed. We will:
  • Respond to any requests the first time you contact us
  • Tell you what will happen next, by who and when
  • Keep you regularly updated of progress
  • Check in regularly to ensure we are on track and meeting your expectations as your view truly matters
Invest in our customers. We will:
  • Strive to understand your future requirements
  • We believe working in partnership is the best approach
  • Match our offer and services to your requirements
  • Offer a competitive price
  • Work with you to remain relevant
Making it Easy. We Will:
  • Make your problems ours to resolve
  • Continue to Simplify our process and our business with you
  • Offer you a wide range of complimentary services
  • Give you an idea of cost for a new product in 48 to 72 hours & a full & detailed quote within 3 to 6 days, subject to complexity of build or assembly.
  • Provide you with project support & plans for sample and completion.
Unique and Memorable. We will:
  • Continue to innovate and differentiate our offer
  • Remain at the forefront of technical advances
  • Adapt our offer to remain relevant in a quickly changing market
  • Invest in new technology and technically advanced raw materials

Interested in working together?

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