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    Nordell is a UK based Plastic Engineering manufacturer. We provide world class innovative solutions to global customers.

    We are proud of what we do, how we do it and where we are heading.

    Plastic Injection Moulding

    High and low volume, commodity and technical.

    In operation 24 hours per day, servicing a wide range of markets from consumer products to industrial, electronic and medical sectors, our modern Injection Moulding facility houses 22 of the latest Injection Moulding machines and offers capacity up to 380t, all our moulding machines are monitored real time and tool changes through our overhead crane systems.

    Plastic Extrusion

    Our Plastic Extrusion facilities serve a broad spectrum of markets, from insulators for electronics, port tubes for speakers, cut and notched cores for the printing industry. We are able to extrude up to 125mm diameter. All our Extrusion lines are connected through monitored real time and available 24 hours.

    Product Assembly

    Our assembly department completes a range of processes including the building of sub assemblies and assemblies, mechanical and electrical testing, heat and ultrasonic insertion, packing and supply of spares kits in service of the following sectors - Medical, Electrical, Consumer goods, Industrial and, mechanical.

    Design for Manufacture

    Our technical teams employ the engineering practice of Design For Manufacture. We draw on decades of solutions that have proven success in multiple markets and work in cooperation with product designers and design houses from concept to completion. This ensures tooling and parts can be manufactured effectively, whilst adding best value to the product and its application.

    Tooling Manufacture

    Our tooling capabilities include modular and bespoke Injection Mould Tooling, Extrusion tooling, Assembly and production fixtures, along with testing jigs and ultrasonic welding horns. Tooling is produced both through UK and Global operations in China.


    Our finishing operations at Nordell provide technically specific solutions, including the finishing of a customer's high end and prestigious product requirements and fabric covering, along with hand finishing, potting and sealing, treating and building.

    Component Sourcing and contract operations

    Our component sourcing teams and partners are able to leverage our supplier relationship to complement our product offering. Through our sourcing offices in both UK and China, we are able to offer the complete product and ensure it comes together for our customers, including pressings, seals, packing, electronics and electrical, PCBs, batteries and kits, along with contract operations including EMI & RFI shielding in both copper and silver.


    As part of our service and manufacturing solutions, we identify and manufacture bespoke automation for product, test and assembly needs.

    Ultrasonic Welding

    Our Ultrasonic Welding service offers round the clock welding to our customers. This includes the welding of Thermoplastics, TPEs, and products such as electronic windows into instruments, case welding, Piezo stack sounder welding and general component joining.

    Pad Printing

    Our Printing area provides printed and varnished products for both low and high volume requirements with both open and closed ink options.

    VMI, KanBan and DLF

    Our logistics department operate a variety of supply and stock management systems, including Vendor Managed Inventory, Call off arrangements, KanBan systems and Direct Line Feeds for added customer value.

    Product Testing

    Mechanical and Electrical tests are performed during or post operations in accordance with defined and agreed control plans and legislation.