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Offering first-class support even after you have received your product

As a manufacturer of high-quality, technical parts, we know that when we deliver the parts to you, it is not the end of the manufacturing process.


When you entrust us to make your products, we know that it is essential that they meet your specifications. Because your reputation relies on how well it performs.


At Nordell, we fully understand how critical aftermarket services are to your brand.


In the unlikely event that you're unhappy with something we have produced and shipped out to you, we’re here to help.


Aftermarket Care


By working with Nordell, you will find an experienced team with many years of technical knowledge in the plastics industry.


Our experts have an in-depth understanding of many industry sectors, helping you build brand loyalty and enhance your customer experience.


Nordell will be a dependable “partner” in achieving a competitive advantage in today’s market.


Nordell really cares about the service we offer our customers.


We have an internal mantra: “We do what we say, and we do it well”.




We aim to delight our customers and only make parts you are happy with.


However, we know that there are occasions when parts do slip through the net that have an issue, or we make a genuine human error.


The important thing is that we put things right quickly and have a process that delivers long-term fixes to avoid a repeat.

Contact Our Aftercare Customer Services

If things aren’t right and you notice an issue, please drop us a mail to


Our Aftercare Customer Service Team will take some details and record the issue on our CRM system.


They will centrally get the right team involved and chase a quick resolution on your behalf.


Once your issue is resolved to your satisfaction, we will drop you a mail to let you know.


Please do give us some feedback on Trustpilot or Google.


Our Aftercare customer service team is on hand to help with any issues.


Members are fully trained to help make your experience with Nordell simple, even if things go wrong.

They will:

  1. Ensure any complaints get handled within an agreed timescale and are closed to your satisfaction.
  2. Ensure long-term resolutions are understood and embedded so Nordell can better track complaints and analyse the information to provide a central focus.
  3. Focus on what matters most to best meet your expectations.


Nordell’s Core Values


At Nordell, our team works to our Core Values.


They guide the way we behave with each other and how we behave with our customers and suppliers.


Pride:  We are proud of what we do, how we do it and where we are heading.

Achievement: We work to be brilliant and train to be better

Support: We believe in our people and are one team

Strength: The strength to challenge and be "Future Ready"

Respect: We always treat our customers and our teams with Respect

Trust: We are competent and trust each other to do a great job, and our customers trust us to deliver

Creativity: Make It Better, Make It Happen


Escalating Your Concerns


Your escalation point of contact for the customer care team is Andy Hodge, Nordell’s Commercial Director.


The Customer Care team reports to Andy.


They all share the same goal to keep our customers happy even when things may have gone wrong.


You can contact Andy at

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