Our Cleanroom Environment
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What Can Be Made In A Cleanroom Environment?

At Nordell, we specialise in bridging the gap between innovative design and exceptional manufacturing quality, particularly in cleanroom injection moulding.


Our state-of-the-art cleanroom, established to meet and exceed industry standards, caters to a diverse range of sectors seeking precision and purity in their components.


From medical devices to high-tech engineering projects, our commitment to providing a controlled environment ensures the highest level of product integrity and performance.

Our Cleanroom Environment


Nordell’s cleanroom is equipped with 14 Ultra-Low Particulate Air (ULPA) filters, which facilitate 60 air changes per hour and remove 99.999% of airborne particles. As a result, Nordell guarantees an environment where even the most sensitive products can be manufactured with confidence.


The environment is further safeguarded by strict contamination prevention protocols, including the use of Cleanroom Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), like gowning, hairnets, and overshoes, to mitigate any risk of contaminants entering the production space.


Our cleanroom, housing 10 high-speed electric 120tn injection mould presses, is not just a facility—it’s a cornerstone of our capability to deliver superior-quality parts.


Could Your Industry Benefit From Our Cleanroom?


If you’re not already taking advantage of our cleanroom environment, perhaps you should be.


Our facility is adept at handling projects across various sectors, showcasing our versatility and commitment to quality.


Here are some of the industries that are already enjoying the benefits:


Medical Sector Manufacturing


At the heart of our cleanroom production lies our manufacturing for the medical industry. These components require not only a high degree of precision but also compliance with rigorous sterility and cleanliness standards.


Pharmaceutical Components


For the pharmaceutical sector, our cleanroom environment is ideal for producing parts that come into direct contact with pharmaceutical products, such as drug delivery systems and diagnostic kits. The controlled conditions ensure that these components are free from contaminants that could compromise the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products.


Electrical and Aerospace Industries


Beyond healthcare, Nordell’s cleanroom is equipped to serve the electrical and aerospace industries by manufacturing parts that demand an extremely controlled environment. This includes components for aerospace applications where even minor contaminants can lead to failure in critical systems, as well as electrical components requiring precision and purity to function reliably.


Beyond Traditional Sectors


While our capabilities are rooted in these core sectors, we also cater to any industry requiring the high standards of ISO 7 controlled air cleanroom manufacturing.


This includes but is not limited to, industries such as:


  • Electronics, where we produce components requiring protection from static and particulate contamination.
  • Automotive, particularly for advanced electronic components where dust-free environments are crucial.
  • Consumer Products, for items where finish and functional integrity are enhanced by cleanroom manufacturing.


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Whether you're delving into cleanroom manufacturing for the first time or seeking to improve the quality and yield of your products, we're here to help.


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Cleanroom FAQs

Why should I consider a cleanroom environment?

A cleanroom provides an elevated amount of control over the operations and functionality that can assure customers that the parts they are receiving will be manufactured to an extremely high standard and, notably, a low level of contamination. Some of the main benefits of a class ISO 7 cleanroom (like Nordell’s) include: • Compliance with industry standards • Contaminant control • Customised solutions • Viable particle analysis If your project could benefit from a higher level of manufacturing control and/or you’re concerned about elevated levels of contamination and scrap, cleanroom manufacturing might be a good consideration for your next project.

Will it be more expensive?

Running costs required to manufacture in a cleanroom environment are higher than in a trade mould shop. Airflow and temperature controls need to be maintained using higher levels of energy. Plus, there’s the additional cost of PPE. But if you only look at the additional cleanroom running costs linked to production, you are missing a trick! At Nordell, we have reviewed and analysed the cost of manufacturing a part that requires a very high-level finish in the cleanroom vs manufacturing the same part in a trade mould shop. We reviewed parts that required painting once moulded so that any contamination would be obvious. Yes, the operational costs in the cleanroom were higher. However, the average scrap rates were significantly lower. Overall, the net cost of running this part in the cleanroom was marginally better than in the mould shop, with a considerably lower impact on the environment.
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