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Meeting Your Toolroom Needs & Exceeding Expectations

Nordell offers a full range of toolroom services both in the UK and China.


Paul Rowe, our Technical Director, started his career as a toolmaker and has over 30 years of complex tool design and build experience.


Paul is supported by a team of specialist engineers and toolmakers at our facility on the south coast to cater for clients across the UK and abroad.


What Are Toolroom Services?


Toolroom services are a vital aspect of any manufacturing or engineering operation, as they involve the production, maintenance, and repair of precision tooling used in the production process.


At Nordell, we can provide a fully managed end-to-end solution from initial Design for Manufacture, Tool manufacture and approval and ongoing volume production at our injection moulding facility in Worthing.


With our extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, we can provide bespoke tooling solutions to meet any manufacturing challenge, whether it's for a single component or a large-scale production run.

How We Can Help

Should you wish to move your manufacturing to Nordell, whether this be repatriation of manufacturing to the UK or a desire to move your business from another manufacturer, we are here to help.

On arrival at Nordell, we will book your tooling onto our ERP system, giving your assets an individual reference number to track them through the business in real-time.


Our toolmakers will give your tool a comprehensive inspection and service on arrival, noting any tooling issues. We will issue an inspection report with a summary of any recommendations.


Once your tool is in production, we will clean and service your tool in line with the recommended service schedule as part of our preventative maintenance program, ensuring your mould tool’s life is maximised.


Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)


Central to our philosophy and efficient production is our MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) schedule.


Tools are regularly serviced in our well-equipped toolroom in line with maintenance schedules which are tracked in realtime on our IQMS Delmiaworks ERP system.


Every tool is monitored on the tooling database, which records tool manufacturing cycles, enabling us to schedule preventive maintenance.


Preventative mould maintenance refers to the scheduled maintenance tasks done on the injection moulds, such as inspections, assessments, cleaning, repairs, and replacements of worn-out components to keep the injection mould in peak condition to prevent avoidable part quality issues and production interruption.


Nordell can handle all the transport arrangements if you would like to repatriate tooling to the UK or move tooling from your current supplier.


Our Toolroom Capabilities


Nordell’s toolroom has a crane system, allowing us to lift tools weighing up to 1tn onto the toolroom workbenches.


Our comprehensive equipment includes a cleaning tank, taking out a lot of the manual cleaning routines and speeding up the time your tool is in downtime.


Our toolroom machinery capability consists of CNC Milling, Manual Milling, Spark Erosion, Lazer Welding, and various drilling and grinding machinery.


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If you wish to talk to us about our toolroom services - or to move your production mould tooling to Nordell - please send your question to


Alternatively, you can contact us using any of the other methods below.


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