Cable Overmoulding
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Cable Overmoulding

Nordell’s UK factory provides electrical cable preparation, cable assembly and cable overmoulding services.


We supply our services to many market sectors, including Industrial and Aviation.


Our teams work to IPC620 Standards, an industry-developed program for individuals and companies engaged in the manufacture, use and installation of cable and wire harness assemblies and are accredited to ISO9001


What Is Cable Overmoulding?


Cable overmoulding is a process that utilises injection moulding to combine wires and connectors into one, unified piece.


Usually, the joining of cables to connectors and each other is the natural point of weakness, but here at Nordell, we see that as the perfect opportunity for improvement.


How Does Cable Overmoulding Work?


The cable overmoulding design process involves placing the cable assembly components within a mould then covering it by injecting a hot liquid plastic material.


Once this has had a chance to cool, the final product will match whatever mould was used. If done correctly, it will protect the connection of the underlying wires and connectors.

The Benefits Of Cable Overmoulding

There are many different benefits to cable overmoulding.


Essentially, cable overmoulding means the cable assembly should last longer and perform better than without added protection.


In addition, overmoulded connectors offer medical practitioners an assembly that can withstand sterilisation procedures and comes with built-in strain relief.


Here are some other key benefits of cable overmoulding:


  • It increases the flexural strength, especially where the cable exits. This area will bear the brunt of movement in most situations, so additional strength is needed to ensure the connection remains reliable.
  • It increases the overall protection against outside forces like temperature changes, moisture, rubbing, impacting, and shocking.
  • It creates a water-tight seal that can resist moisture and oil.
  • It helps to improve the aesthetics of the assembly.


Why Choose Nordell For Cable Overmoulding?


Nordell are specialists in injection mouldings that incorporate sensitive PCBs and other electronic components where it is imperative that the heat, pressure and chemical processes involved in the moulding process are managed to eliminate potential damage.


We have been overmoulding cables, components and connectors for many years and continue to invest in equipment to give us the capacity required for the growing demand for overmoulding.


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