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Nordell have a long history of manufacturing for the Environmental & Renewables sector.


One of our longest standing manufacturing contracts is for the Vacuum Pumping sector, where we mould specialist parts used in Rotary Vane vacuum pumps. These vacuum pumps are used in many different industries including the manufacture of flat screen technology and Solar panels.


Many years ago, Nordell started working in partnership with a customer to develop domestic Wind Turbines. Wind turbines harness the power of the wind and use it to generate electricity. Nordell manufactures two different sizes of wind turbine, supporting the UK drive to net zero 2050.


With Environmental Sustainability and carbon reduction critical in the drive to net zero, Nordell is proud to be partnering with one of the UK’s fastest growing renewable technology companies, providing housing developers, construction companies and commercial businesses with a “one-stop-shop” of sustainable technology products and specialist services to accelerate the journey to net-zero. Nordell manufacture parts for the EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging and Solar technology markets.

Our Environmental Committment

With more and more customers insisting the goods they buy are environmentally friendly, it’s never been more important to work with manufacturing partners who are committed to sustainability.


Nordell is ISO14001 accredited and committed to manufacturing to protocols which improve sustainability through an effective environmental management system.


Innovation and investment in new technology, materials and moulding techniques will help you to deliver against long-term, sustainable environmental targets:


  • 800 Solar panels installed providing 270kw of renewable energy
  • Reducing scrap through process mapping and training to ensure we get more right first time.
  • Recycling scrap by regrinding it either for reuse or collection by a commercial plastic recycler.
  • Switching to electric moulding machines to reduce energy consumption by up to 70%.
  • Reducing energy consumption through replacement of our factory lighting with LED and motion sensors and by monitoring our power consumption.
  • We are at the forefront of Biomaterials innovation, with more options to replace current materials becoming available

Bio Plastics


Bio-plastics can reduce the environmental impact of your product’s raw materials. Nordell remain at the forefront of new raw material developments, and continue to develop new bio-plastic solutions.


Speak with our technical team, who can discuss your product’s performance needs and the potential for using bio-plastics.


You can read more about the work we're doing to help make the industry more sustainable.

Our Robust Development Process:


Concept & Requirements

  • Discovery meeting or project/enquiry file review, for discussion to fully understand the product application and project performance, quality, timescale and budget requirements.
  • Provisional assessment of risk or variance to expectations, with brief to customer on initial observations and recommendations for approval prior to offer.

Design for Manufacture

Investigation and Development
  • Offer & Project Commercialisation.
  • Standardise materials, colours, number of parts, Inserts and build Operations.
  • Product and Design exploration with Sector cross pollination.
  • Initial FMEA & Control Plan.
  • Project Management.
  • Report & Proposals to Client.
  • Prototype and review.

Product Tooling Design & Manufacture

Tooling and Sampling
  • Design Freeze with 2D drawings & 3D files.
  • Tool Design GA customer approval.
  • Tool Manufacture.
  • Product & Tool identification standard for asset and labelling.
  • Product ERP structure, Centre selection, Bill of Materials and route standardisation.
  • Product materials procurement.
  • Production trials scheduling.

Product & Tooling Trials

  • Customer update.
  • Tooling and production trials.
  • T1 Sample submission.
  • Review, Tune & Development.
  • Tooling and Production Trials.
  • T2 Sample submission.
  • Sampling Review.

Product Part Approval

Verification and Validation
  • PPAP Product Part Approval Process.
  • First Article Inspection reports.
  • FMEA review.
  • Tooling Review.
  • Pilot production requirements.
  • Tooling Acceptance.

Product Approved

  • Transfer to commercial teams.
  • Product can be scheduled against production requirements.
  • Delivery terms reviewed (VMI, KANBAN).
  • Review.
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