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Expert Advice And Manufacturing For The Marine Industry

Nordell has been manufacturing parts for both the Marine propulsion and Marine Safety industries for many years.


In the Marine Propulsion industry, Nordell are a key manufacturer of parts for both Petrol and Diesel outboard engines ranging from 50hp to 350hp with both domestic and commercial applications.


High-Performance Diesel engines provide enhanced performance for owners, significantly reducing marine emissions and offering better fuel efficiency through innovative technologies.


Why not take a look at the video to find out more about our work with industry leading Cox Marine - or read on to find out more about our work in the marine sector.

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From design to delivery. Nordell supports the world's most powerful diesel outboard motor

"Nordell's knowledge of the marine industry helps us to continue to innovate and bring products to the market"

John Smith, Cox Powertrain Ltd

Divisions & benefits

Nordell manufactures parts for the Marine industry across several of our manufacturing units:

  1. Injection Moulding of many plastic parts including Cam Covers, Impellors, volutes, and Cowl Guards
  2. Subassembly of parts including water pumps
  3. Chroming and Painting plastic parts
  4. Alloy castings including Water pumps and PDM (Power Distribution Module)
  5. Gaskets, Seals and Shims Polymer and Metal
  6. Components sourcing of inserts and materials required to assembly parts.


Using injection moulding to manufacture parts for the Marine industry has been used for many years as they have many benefits over their metal counterparts.


Polymer selection is critical to ensure all parts meet strict industry standards and environmental conditions including UV stability. Our technical experts will help you with the material selection process, using over 50 years of engineering polymer experience.


Benefits Of Plastics For The Marine Industry


Plastics offer significant benefits in the Marine industry including:

  • Material Robustness – Plastics are as strong as metal parts and offer a weight advantage over metal which is an important consideration in the Marine sector, reducing the overall weight on the water and therefore improved fuel efficiency.
  • Flexibility for the Application – Plastic offers an extremely flexible option in the Marine Industry. Plastics can tolerate high and low temperature regimes in saline and fresh water.
  • Low Cost – Injection moulding plastic parts is a low cost, high quality, repeatable process ideal for Marine applications. Plastic parts are moulded from low-cost raw materials with lower weight than metals, delivering lower logistics costs.
  • Corrosion Resistance – Manufacturing parts in plastic offers a significant benefit over some metals in the Martine Sector. Most metal parts will require a specialist coating or be cast with corrosion resistance to be suitable for Marine use. Marine parts made from metal and used in fresh water may not corrode as quickly as a saltwater environment, however this does not need to be a consideration when manufacturing parts in plastic.
  • Precision Tolerances – Injection moulding ensures parts are moulded to precision tolerances, critical where dimensional accuracy is fundamental.
  • Custom Finishes – Plastics don’t corrode and can be moulded onto metal parts where necessary. Plastics can be moulded in thousands of RAL colours or painted, chromed, or coated.


Safety and reliability in the Marine Sector are critical. The Marine parts we manufacture need to perform in the harshest of Marine environments from Arctic conditions to Tropical heat.


Parts manufactured for the Marine sector are subject to PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) as widely used in the Automotive Industry.


The purpose of any Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) is to:

  • Ensure that a supplier can meet the customer’s manufacturing and quality requirements.
  • Provide evidence that the customer engineering design record and specification requirements are clearly understood and fulfilled by the supplier.
  • Demonstrate that the established manufacturing process has the potential to produce the part that consistently meets all requirements during the actual production run at the quoted production rate of the manufacturing process.


Nordell will manage even the most complex requirements with full transparency.

Our Robust Development Process:


Concept & Requirements

  • Discovery meeting or project/enquiry file review, for discussion to fully understand the product application and project performance, quality, timescale and budget requirements.
  • Provisional assessment of risk or variance to expectations, with brief to customer on initial observations and recommendations for approval prior to offer.

Design for Manufacture

Investigation and Development
  • Offer & Project Commercialisation.
  • Standardise materials, colours, number of parts, Inserts and build Operations.
  • Product and Design exploration with Sector cross pollination.
  • Initial FMEA & Control Plan.
  • Project Management.
  • Report & Proposals to Client.
  • Prototype and review.

Product Tooling Design & Manufacture

Tooling and Sampling
  • Design Freeze with 2D drawings & 3D files.
  • Tool Design GA customer approval.
  • Tool Manufacture.
  • Product & Tool identification standard for asset and labelling.
  • Product ERP structure, Centre selection, Bill of Materials and route standardisation.
  • Product materials procurement.
  • Production trials scheduling.

Product & Tooling Trials

  • Customer update.
  • Tooling and production trials.
  • T1 Sample submission.
  • Review, Tune & Development.
  • Tooling and Production Trials.
  • T2 Sample submission.
  • Sampling Review.

Product Part Approval

Verification and Validation
  • PPAP Product Part Approval Process.
  • First Article Inspection reports.
  • FMEA review.
  • Tooling Review.
  • Pilot production requirements.
  • Tooling Acceptance.

Product Approved

  • Transfer to commercial teams.
  • Product can be scheduled against production requirements.
  • Delivery terms reviewed (VMI, KANBAN).
  • Review.
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