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Applying Environmental SENSE to all we do.

We will meet or exceed all legal and environmental legislation.


Our raw material suppliers are independently audited to ensure their production processes meet or exceed industry standards and do not impact the environment.


We employ LEAN methodology and Continuous Improvement practices to reduce waste and energy usage.


We have clear QMS processes and recycle where possible.


We include environmental goals in our business plans.


We train our employees and ensure they are regularly updated on our environmental policy and goals.


We will implement the Nordell ENVIRONMENTAL GOOD SENSE guided by our Core Values of Pride, Effort, Support, Strength, Respect & Trust.

Sustainable, Environmentally-conscious Manufacturing

With more and more customers insisting the goods they buy are environmentally friendly, it’s never been more important to work with manufacturing partners who are committed to sustainability.


Nordell are ISO14001 accredited and committed to manufacturing to protocols which improve sustainability through an effective environmental management system.


Innovation and investment in new technology, materials and moulding techniques will help us to deliver against long-term, sustainable environmental targets:

  • Renewable energy generation from our 270kw Solar panels delivering around 30% of our total energy supply and replacing a carbon-based power source.
  • Switching to electric moulding machines to reduce energy consumption by up to 70%.
  • Reducing energy consumption through replacement of our factory lighting with LED and motion sensors and by monitoring our power consumption.
  • Reducing scrap through process mapping and training to ensure we get more right first time.
  • Recycling scrap by regrinding it either for reuse or collection by a commercial plastic recycler.


Find out more about the work we're doing to help make the industry more sustainable.

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