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Cleanroom Manufacturing & Injection Moulding

Nordell offers a full range of technical moulding services across many industries, including cleanroom moulding, where the highest levels of quality and precision are required.


Nordell operates to ISO class 7 Cleanroom Standards, with 200m2 of Space housing 10 of the latest high-speed, efficient Electric Mould presses.


A further 100m2 offers cleanroom assembly and final packing where we can complete a sub-assembly or the final assembly and pack for final despatch.


Our cleanroom manufactures parts for the medical consumables sector and also parts for sectors that don’t necessarily require a cleanroom, but would still benefit from manufacturing in a controlled environment that removes all airborne contaminants.


In the main, these are for parts that require additional processes such as painting and chroming.


We offer a complete service from product design to final packing.


If you would like to discuss a new cleanroom project or are looking for available UK capacity to manufacture your cleanroom parts, then please drop us an email to


Nordell's Cleanroom Capacity


We currently have cleanroom capacity available on our 120tn Electric Moulding machines.


These machines are the latest high-speed, efficient moulding machines, making us highly competitive in the cleanroom manufacturing sector.


Our cleanroom is accredited to ISO Class 7 standard, which is for the production of parts in many industries.


However, it is also ideal if you require parts with very high levels of surface finish are required.

Clean Room, Clean Manufacturing

Our cleanroom environment significantly decreases the chances of product pollution.


It provides a clean air area for production using 14 ULPA (Ultra-Low Particular Air Filtration) filters delivering 60 air changes per hour. ULPA efficiency rating removes 99.999% of airborne particles.


Further contamination is prevented using Cleanroom PPE such as gowning, hairnets and overshoes. These reduce fibres and potential contaminants from entering the cleanroom and interfering with production and research.


Read more about the benefits of cleanroom technology.


What Can Be Made In An ISO Class 7 Cleanroom?


ISO 7 cleanrooms provide air cleanliness levels of a maximum of 10,000 particles (≥0.5µm) per cubic foot and a minimum of 60 air changes per hour.


There are a number of industries that require this particular classification, including:


  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Medical consumables manufacturing
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical compounding
  • Laboratories
  • Aerospace product development
  • Cosmetics production


In fact, anything can be injection moulded in a cleanroom, even if the manufacture of your part doesn’t require ISO Class 7 controls.


Statistics show that parts manufactured in a cleanroom typically see an improved yield of around 5%.


Find out more about how our cleanroom facilities could benefit you in our blog post.


Our ISO Class 7 Cleanroom Injection Moulding Capabilities


Nordell offers a full range of cleanroom manufacturing services for industries requiring high-precision cleanroom injection moulding.


Our cleanroom facilities provide clients with:


  • The reassurance of being ISO 9001 accredited and certified to ISO14644 standards
  • A complete package of parts testing and verification, including:
    - Electrical testing
    - Leak testing
    - Visual Measurements using VMM
    - PPAP – Production Part Approval Process
  • Assembly & sub-assembly
  • 10 high speed electric moulding presses up to 120tn capacity
  • In-house toolroom services, including DFM, build and maintenance
  • Flexible inventory replenishment solutions including VMI (Vendor managed inventory), Kanban and DLF (Direct line feed).
  • Complete Traceability of all parts to Serial number through our DelmiaWorks manufacturing ERP software.
  • Full suite of commercial support, including analysis of performance data.
  • Full support of a knowledgeable team with over 40 years of collective experience in cleanroom manufacturing.


We continue to invest in further capacity and the latest equipment.


So far, we have increased our manufacturing capacity by a further 6,000 ft2.


Come and talk to us about your cleanroom injection moulding requirements, and we can flex the additional space as required.

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