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At Nordell, we understand that the quality and performance of your products are non-negotiable.


That's why we offer you the power of Mould Flow Analysis. This cutting-edge simulation technique lets you envision your product's behaviour throughout its lifecycle.


By delving into the intricate dynamics of plastic material flow during injection moulding, we help you optimise designs, anticipate challenges, and ensure a seamless path from concept to market.


Our commitment goes beyond technology; it's rooted in over 50 years of mould tool design expertise and a relentless pursuit of perfection.


With Nordell's mould flow analysis services, you're not just partnering with a service provider – you're forging a partnership that guarantees precision, reduces uncertainties, and crafts success stories.


What Is Mould Flow Analysis?


Mould flow analysis is the process of simulating an injection moulding cycle with a particular plastic and analysing the results.


Mould flow analysis should happen before the injection moulding process begins by using specialised software that simulates the design of the part to be manufactured.


Since the flow of the liquid material in the mould makes a massive difference to the product's behaviour, this step can save much effort and time in developing your product.


This software creates colour maps of different design properties as they would be reflected in the mould flow.


These may include:


  • heating/cooling
  • fill pattern
  • injection pressure
  • potential air traps
  • shear stress
  • fibre orientation and many more properties.

Benefits Of Mould Flow Analysis

Our mould flow analysis services provide a range of invaluable benefits that steer your projects toward excellence:


  • Optimised Designs: Harness the power of predictive insights to optimise designs before production, ensuring products perform flawlessly in real-world scenarios.
  • Efficient Resource Allocation: By identifying potential design issues early, Mould Flow Analysis prevents costly revisions, reducing both time-to-market and production expenses.
  • Enhanced Product Quality: Fine-tune manufacturing processes to consistently deliver high-quality products, meeting or exceeding performance expectations.
  • Waste Reduction: Anticipate and mitigate defects, warping, and other issues that lead to material waste, aligning with sustainable manufacturing practices.
  • Precise Predictions: Utilise advanced software tools for accurate predictions of attributes like shrinkage, weld lines, and gas traps, allowing for better resource allocation and part tolerances.
  • Risk Management: Address manufacturing challenges proactively, minimising the potential for disruptions and ensuring smoother production workflows.
  • Informed Decisions: Arm your team with data-driven insights that guide strategic decisions, from material selection to design adjustments.
  • Competitive Edge: Showcase a commitment to excellence that sets you apart in competitive markets, fostering customer trust and loyalty.


With Nordell's mould flow analysis services, you're not just investing in a simulation technique; you're investing in a future where your products reach their fullest potential.


Join us in realising the transformative benefits of mould flow analysis – where precision meets innovation, and success is a certainty.


Nordell's Mould Flow Analysis Expertise


The product development process is much more complex than just creating a design and having a machine spit out material in the desired shape; plastics are not as inert as they seem and do not operate like static building blocks.


The colour maps created by mould flow analysis assist in adaptive changes of the design in order to create a quality product before the moulding process actually occurs.


This ensures that when a prototype or product goes into production, it is going to perform and behave optimally.


Despite the overhead that it adds to the process, mould flow analysis more than makes up for this in terms of final quality.


We can offer full mould flow analysis of your part; this does require an outline tool design and, ideally, a preferred material (datasheet).


Armed with this information, we can predict a variety of moulding conditions and finished plastic part attributes.


These include: mould filling analysis, shrinkage predictions, weld line, gas traps and void analysis, warpage and distortion predictions, and the optimal tonnage needed to successfully mould your part.


Why Choose Nordell?


Our software package and the insight it offers - combined with over 50 years of experience in mould tool design, material selection and a lifetime spent pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved from the injection moulding process - ensures Nordell’s competitive edge.


And it combines our ability to blend the best simulation software with time-served skill, significantly reducing the surprises once you have committed your tooling budget.


If you would like to find out more about mould flow analysis, contact our team today.


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