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Oil & Gas Sector

Nordell has a dedicated team with over 100 years of combined experience in the manufacture of products for the oil & gas sector.


Our products are used in some of the most extreme environmental conditions and need to meet regulations such as ATEX.


This keeps Nordell at the cutting edge of what can technically be injection moulded and helps provide our clients with design refinement, part performance and a competitive edge.


Nordell is experienced with the exceptional materials this sector demands, whether it is for environmental protection, safety systems or production of technical components in specialist materials such as PEEK.


With expertise in developing and manufacturing high-performance and engineering plastic materials, Nordell can offer plastic solutions that meet the specific requirements of the oil and gas industry with the capability to be used at extreme atmospheric conditions and tough environments.

Plastic That Can Stand The Pressure

The industry demands high temperature, high pressure, high mechanical strength and chemical resistance materials.


Equipment must operate in the toughest environments, and materials must be tough and resistant to corrosion.


We work in partnership with our customers in the oil and gas sector to achieve the optimum solution to suit your application’s rigorous specifications.


Our technical experts can provide you with a qualified material recommendation and would be delighted to discuss your specific requirements.

Our Robust Development Process:


Concept & Requirements

  • Discovery meeting or project/enquiry file review, for discussion to fully understand the product application and project performance, quality, timescale and budget requirements.
  • Provisional assessment of risk or variance to expectations, with brief to customer on initial observations and recommendations for approval prior to offer.

Design for Manufacture

Investigation and Development
  • Offer & Project Commercialisation.
  • Standardise materials, colours, number of parts, Inserts and build Operations.
  • Product and Design exploration with Sector cross pollination.
  • Initial FMEA & Control Plan.
  • Project Management.
  • Report & Proposals to Client.
  • Prototype and review.

Product Tooling Design & Manufacture

Tooling and Sampling
  • Design Freeze with 2D drawings & 3D files.
  • Tool Design GA customer approval.
  • Tool Manufacture.
  • Product & Tool identification standard for asset and labelling.
  • Product ERP structure, Centre selection, Bill of Materials and route standardisation.
  • Product materials procurement.
  • Production trials scheduling.

Product & Tooling Trials

  • Customer update.
  • Tooling and production trials.
  • T1 Sample submission.
  • Review, Tune & Development.
  • Tooling and Production Trials.
  • T2 Sample submission.
  • Sampling Review.

Product Part Approval

Verification and Validation
  • PPAP Product Part Approval Process.
  • First Article Inspection reports.
  • FMEA review.
  • Tooling Review.
  • Pilot production requirements.
  • Tooling Acceptance.

Product Approved

  • Transfer to commercial teams.
  • Product can be scheduled against production requirements.
  • Delivery terms reviewed (VMI, KANBAN).
  • Review.
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