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Electric Moulding Machines

At Nordell, our philosophy is to continuously invest in the future and remain at the forefront of advances in technology, especially where we can reduce our impact on the environment.


The plastics moulding industry is a high energy user, however through investment in the latest energy efficient, electric moulding machines Nordell have been able to reduce our energy consumption and reduce our impact on the environment.


Energy is typically 7% -10% of a moulding company’s turnover and plastics processing is around two thirds of that cost. Our investment in Haitian Electric moulding machines can reduce energy consumption by 60-80% compared to older hydraulic machines, not only having an environmental benefit, but a relatively quick ROI.

Transitioning To Electric

Just over a third of our injection moulding machines have been replaced with the latest Electric models. We chose Haitian Zeres series mould presses as they represent good value for money and also have a great support network in the UK through Premier Moulding Machinery (PMM).


The Zeres Series builds a bridge from electric injection moulding technology to traditional hydraulic machine applications. Main movements such as mould and injection are electric, nozzle movement, core pull and ejector movements are servo-hydraulic.


The tailor-made electrical servo drive systems, in combination with a new inverter generation, enables a high-performance and unique price/performance ratio. The 3rd technology generation of Zhafir is a system platform with intelligent and extremely fast adaptive software. The Zeres Series has extremely open integration and connectivity with all common interfaces and seamless connection to industrial automation or any MES system.


Electric machines are digitally controlled while hydraulic systems are driven by hoses, valves and pipes – resulting in much of the lost energy. All-electric machines have the benefit of being higher speed and more efficient during the whole process because independent motors control everything from the injection to extruder to clamping and ejection.


Traditional hydraulic injection moulding machines are less efficient than electric machines because they consume energy even while in idle. Electric injecting moulding machines only use energy when in production, meaning the motor output is only equal to that of the load requirements.


Advantages of all electric plastic injection moulding machines:

  • Energy efficiency - energy is only used during machine movements.
  • Reduced consumable costs.
  • High repeatability and precision.
  • Faster and more efficient processing.
  • Shorter start-up times because less components and fluids need to warm up.
  • Quieter operation
  • Electric machines are Ideal for our cleanroom manufacturing as there is no leakage of oil.

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