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Nordell's Modular Tooling System (NMTS)

Our Modular tooling option allows you to manufacture a low to medium volume of parts without the full cost of purchasing a mould tool.


By manufacturing a modular tool, you can manufacture your component in the material of your choice and with your chosen surface finish. This makes it much easier to evaluate the product and determine whether or not it is fit for purpose.


This makes it much easier to evaluate the product and determine whether or not it is fit for purpose.


Modular Tooling Manufacturing Process


Your tooling investment will be in a modular insert system which will be inserted into one of our universal bolster sets.


We manufacture the cavity and core details that form the component, which has its own ejector system. This manufacturing process means that we can also incorporate loose inserts and side action movement to create undercut features.


This is one of the most cost-effective solutions for tooling if you're looking to manufacture a component that exceeds the constraints of rapid prototyping.


Nordell's Modular Tooling Systems


Modular tooling systems can be a tremendous cost and time-effective way of creating high-quality, low-volume components.


Customers pay for the development and manufacture of a dedicated and owned mould insert which is inserted into a Bolster set owned by Nordell.


This allows you to keep costs down before establishing your market. Once the demand for your part achieves the required volume, you may wish to invest in a full mould tool solution allowing you to manufacture parts over many years in high volumes.


Benefits Of Modular Tooling


Building a prototype mould insert requires significantly less time and steel than making an entire mould.


This means we can make our customers a steel mould faster and at a fraction of the cost without having to sacrifice quality.


Because our moulds are made from steel, they also can run low volume production. This can bridge the gap between prototype tooling and production tooling or service lower annual volumes.


Our low-volume production offering can save customers the expense of purchasing production tooling for small annual usages.

Our Modular Tooling System

The Nordell modular tooling system provides a lower-cost tooling option prior to full-scale, high production volumes.


It has a clear advantage over 3D printing (which we can also provide as part of our rapid prototyping service) as it is very cost-effective and can be used for high-volume production during early-stage market adoption.


At Nordell, we run many tooling systems that offer a means whereby the jump from 3D printing or sintering SLS production to injection moulding is less cost prohibitive than standalone mould tools.


Why Choose Nordell?


Our modular tooling systems offer the cost advantage of allowing a client to only purchase mould tooling parts directly attributable to the part they need to make without the additional cost and time delay associated with the surrounding mould base (bolster) system.


For example, the cost of manufacturing a modular insert can be around one-third of the cost of manufacturing a full mould tool, with timescales to manufacture reduced by approximately half. The costs depend on the moulded part's complexity, but significant savings can be realised.


Unlike other rapid tooling offers, the customer owns the tooling and – depending on the specification agreed – yield from this system can exceed 1,000,000 shots/parts; engineering polymers can be used, up to and including PEEK as well as commodity, flexible plastics and TPEs in all of their forms.


If demand dictates, the modular system can be quickly incorporated "at additional cost" into a dedicated bolster making the whole system flexible to match your requirements.


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