Modular Tooling


The Nordell Modular Tooling System (MTS) provides a lower cost tooling option prior to full scale, high production volumes.


The Nordell MTS has a clear advantage over 3D printing as it is very cost effective and can be used for high volume production during early stage market adoption.


Nordell Ltd  run a number of  tooling systems that offer a means whereby the jump from 3D printing or sintering SLS production , to injection moulding is less cost prohibitive than stand-alone mould tools , our modular tooling systems  offer the cost advantage of allowing a client to only purchase mould tooling parts directly attributable to the part they need to make without the additional cost and time delay associated with the surrounding mould base.


As an example, this would drive the cost of a standalone dedicated mould tool, costing circa £5000 down to a cost closer to £3700. Clearly, the costs are dependent on the moulded part’s complexity, but significant saving can be realised.


Unlike other rapid tooling offers, the customer owns the tooling  and dependant of the specification agreed, yield from this system can exceed 1,000,000 shots / parts,  Engineering polymers can be used, up to and including PEEK as well as commodity, flexible plastics and TPE’s  in all of their forms.


If demand dictates, the modular system can be quickly incorporated “at additional cost” into a dedicated bolster making the whole system totally flexible to match your requirements.


Typical tooling lead times start at 14 days for simple parts in P20 tools steel and quotations can be offered by return on any requirements you may have.


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