Nordell is award-winning for its support in the medical sector

Nordell is award-winning for its support of the medical sector

Nordell’s state of the art ISO Class 7 Cleanroom operates 24 hrs, these manufacturing facilities support clients, and products in the medical sector.  The Ultra-Low Particulate Air filter units (ULPA) provide 60 air changes per hour.


Our Cleanroom Machines range from 55t to 120t


Our award winning manufacturing service has been supporting customers in this sector for over 30 years. Our experience of polymer selection and combinations, along with our tooling and manufacturing processes, has enabled us to provide medical equipment components from soft touch control pendants, to mechanical chassis and cosmetic covers to vials and PCR plates . Our expert team can help you select the right material for your needs.


The medical industry requires specialist plastic solutions that are able to meet strict industry standards. When choosing a medical grade plastic for injection moulding, it is important to select one that has the appropriate strength. Plastic resins come in many different strengths, so it is critical that you choose one that fits the specification of your product.


We need to consider the type of heat and chemicals your medical device will have to endure. Will your product be subject to standard sterilization methods, or will it have to endure more harsh cleaning methods?


Fungus, algae and other microbes can grow on untreated plastics. This can lead to unsightly discoloration, unpleasant odour and plastic degradation. If you know your product is going to be exposed to an environment where this might be a concern, then an anti-microbial additive can be mixed into the plastic resin. Anti-microbial additives can be added during the injection moulding process. Our experts will be able to guide you.


The conditions that your medical device will be exposed to will determine the requirements of your medical grade plastic material. Some conditions that need to be considered are chemical resistance, corrosion resistance and exposure to radiation and temperature.


Nordell use WRAS approved materials which are certified for drinking water applications.


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