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Plastic Injection Mould Tooling Manufacturers

At Nordell, we understand the importance of high-quality mould tooling in the plastic injection moulding process.


Mould tooling is the foundation of the entire manufacturing process and can significantly impact the final product's quality and performance.


With our state-of-the-art mould tooling capabilities, we can provide our clients with customised solutions tailored to their specific needs.


Our experienced team of professionals has the expertise to design, build, and maintain mould tools that meet the highest standards of quality and precision.


Nordell’s Mould Tooling Services


We have a fully equipped toolroom in our factory in Worthing.


Our tooling capabilities include modular and bespoke Injection Mould Tooling, Assembly and Production Fixtures, along with testing jigs and ultrasonic welding horns.


Here at Nordell, we have created bespoke plastic injection mould tooling for our clients across a number of sectors, including in the medical, marine, Industrial, consumer goods, and renewables, to name just a few.


What Is Mould Tooling?


Mould tooling is a vital part of the plastic injection moulding process.


It involves the manufacture of the tool that will be used to shape the plastic material into the desired form.


Mould tooling is a complex process that requires precision engineering and accredited materials to ensure the final product is of the highest quality. You can read more our about our mould tooling processes in our blog post 'What Is Tooling In Manufacturing?'


At Nordell, we have the expertise and experience to provide our customers with the highest quality mould tooling services, ensuring that their products are manufactured to the highest quality and performance standards.

Why Choose Nordell?

Tooling is manufactured to ISO9001 standards at our UK site by our team of tooling specialists and also at our Nordell Xiamen site in China.


We can offer you a flexible solution to meet your needs.


Getting your parts into manufacture quickly is important, and using our scale, we can manufacture more than 20 mould tools a month.


Mould tools can be manufactured and delivered within 12 weeks of design sign-off.


Providing a shorter lead time and a lower-cost Modular tooling option may be possible.


Our Technical team will be happy to discuss suitable options.


The ‘Nordell guarantee’


We know that budgets are tight.


That’s why we guarantee there will be no additional costs within the agreed life of your mould tool.


At Nordell, your tool will be professionally maintained & serviced by our toolroom specialists as part of our regular preventative maintenance programme.

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