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Over 50 years of manufacturing excellence has taught us how easy it is to overlook the obvious

At Nordell, our work is primarily injection moulding. However, we are able to provide a range of services including ultrasonic welding, product assembly & testing.

Our clients are in a wide range of sectors including Industrial, Medical, Automotive and Oil & Gas.

Nordell's collective experience and industry knowledge of over 700 years, combines to not only bring tangible savings to your new projects, but also helps to refine and develop existing products. Whether you have a new to market concept, an evolution or development of an existing product, or are looking to relocate UK or overseas work to benefit from a world-class production service, we can customise an offer to meet your needs.

What we do: core services

Primary Manufacturing

Nordell offer a full range of complimentary manufacturing services in addition to our principal Plastic Injection moulding...
Services Include...


Nordell have a fully equipped toolroom in our factory in Worthing. Our tooling capabilities include modular and bespoke Injection Mould Tooling...
Services Include...

Technical Services

Nordell offer a full range of technical services to complement your requirements. From Design for Manufacture and project management of the...
Services Include...

Value Added Services

Nordell offer a full range of value added services including product assembly, Component sourcing & contract operations, Ultrasonic Welding...
Services Include...

What makes us great?

The "Nordell Edge" is to quickly understand each individual customers needs, act upon them, and as a team, quickly deliver on-time, value-added services.

Time and again we find that old and new products alike benefit from the "Nordell Edge". When thought about in a new way & approached from a new angle, innovation flourishes. This process forges a closer relationship with our customers, enabling a deeper understanding with significant benefits for the customer, the product and the service received.


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