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Plastic Injection Moulding Finishing Services

Nordell’s Finishing Services are the bridge that connects individual parts, ensuring they fit flawlessly, perform optimally, and exude visual and tactile excellence.


Our 'Finishing Services' bring components together with precision, ensuring that they fit seamlessly.


Whether it's mechanical components or electronic elements, these services ensure a snug and functional fit.


They encompass rigorous quality checks to ensure that every aspect of the final product meets the desired standards. This includes functional testing and validation to guarantee optimal performance.


By entrusting your final assembly to experts, Nordell’s customers can save valuable time and resources.


Our skilled finishing and assembly professionals can handle the intricate assembly process, allowing our customers to focus on core competencies.


We provide comprehensive finishing services for product assembly at Nordell, including plastic finishing services.


Our expertise and state-of-the-art facilities guarantee superior results that meet the highest industry standards.


Whether you require precise coating, polishing, or other finishing techniques, our skilled team is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.

Nordell’s Finishing Services

Once your part(s) have been perfectly moulded, the plastic injection moulding process is far from over.


Depending on the purpose and requirements, the part may need to go through specific finishing processes.


Some of these might be purely for aesthetics, but others could serve a specific purpose.


With our long-established partnerships with specialists and using our in-house capabilities, we add the finishing touches to our customers' products.


We offer a range of finishing operations that provide customers with high-end, prestigious products.


These include:


Fabric Covering


Nordell offers a high-quality fabric covering service for audio or other markets. We offer fully automated fabric cutting and glueing, ensuring a perfect finish every time.


Depending on your needs, we can source a full range of bespoke fabrics for covering.


Sealing, Potting & Encapsulation


Our expert engineers can recommend a solution if you need a moulded part sealed, potted or encapsulated. Potting and encapsulation processes are used in applications where electrical components need protection.


Nordell sources tapes, seals, glues and resins from industry-leading manufacturers.




If your part requires further processing after moulding, Nordell offers a range of treatment services, including annealing, where your part may require annealing heat treatment to lower the brittleness of the polymer, prevent defects from occurring, and improve its structural integrity.


Some parts require a very high level of finish and flatness.




Lapping is a surface finishing operation where loose abrasive powders are used as the grinding agent at normally low speeds.


It is a process reserved for products that demand very tight tolerances of flatness, parallelism, thickness or finish.


Painting and Chroming


A great paint job is one of the best ways to make your product stand out. At Nordell, we can replicate virtually any colour, tint or hue. Our master painters can supply millions of colours in matte, flat, semi-gloss or glossy finishes.


Moulded parts that require painting or chroming are recommended for moulding in our ISO 7 cleanroom, where levels of contamination are strictly controlled, ensuring a perfect finish after painting.


It costs a little more to manufacture in a cleanroom environment; however, the quality of the finish is significantly improved. In addition, waste levels are reduced.


Hot Foil Printing


If Nordell moulds your plastic parts, our hot foil printing service is something you may wish to consider.


We apply hot foil printing in-house using one of our 6 hot foil printers. Unfortunately, we cannot offer hot foil printing as a standalone process but can offer this printing service as an addition to moulding your parts.


Hot-foil printing can also be called 'hot-foil stamping' or just 'foil printing'.


This printing technique creates a unique product finish by applying metallic or pigmented foil to the surface. It can be used to create a variety of finishes, such as matte, metallic, and glossy.


Pad Printing


Many products require a company’s brand name or logo printed on the surface.


Pad printing is a great way to provide this finishing service.


Your desired image is embossed onto a hard rubber block, which becomes a stamp that we use to imprint simple words and graphics on flat or slightly curved surfaces.


Unfortunately, we cannot offer pad printing as a standalone process but can offer this printing service as an addition to moulding your parts.


If you would like to move your plastic moulding requirements to Nordell, let us know at


We can take care of all the asset logistics, give you a tool inspection report on receipt and often suggest tooling adjustments to improve manufacturing efficiencies and reduce the price per part. We will make it simple for you!


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Nordell’s full-time team of specialist technicians have many years of experience in finishing parts to your specific requirements and tolerances, allowing us to provide you with a cost-effective and simplified solution to your main build.


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