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Metrology is the science of measurement. It encompasses the study, development, and application of methods and techniques for accurate and precise measurement of physical quantities.


At Nordell, our Metrology team will ensure your parts' measurements are consistent, reliable, and traceable to international standards, allowing for accurate comparisons and reliable data across various fields of science, industry, and commerce.


Metrology plays a critical role in various aspects of modern society, including manufacturing, quality control, scientific research, trade, and technology development.


It provides the foundation for standardised units of measurement and establishes the framework for consistent communication and exchange of information.


Nordell offers additional value-added quality management capabilities where required. Our Vision Measuring (VMM) and Co-Ordinate measuring (CMM) machines allow us to check exact measurements on some of the most complex parts ensuring we always manufacture parts to your specification.


Nordell archives real-time data to provide us with performance data over time.

Vision Measuring Machine (VMM) & CMM (Co-Ordinate measuring)

Vision Measuring Machine (VMM)


VMMs (Optical Vision Measuring Machines) are a non-contact type of measuring machine which use Optics as the source of inspection.


Typically, small lightweight components with high accuracy are the best applications for such devices.


The Nordell Vision VMM gives us Statistical Process Control.


Statistical Process Control (SPC) is an industry-standard methodology for measuring and controlling quality during the manufacturing process.


Quality data in the form of Product or Process measurements are obtained in real time during manufacturing.


A man working on a LVC400 machine.


The VMM provides repeatability of measurements to 1 micron.


This information is used to manage our tooling preventative maintenance programme, ensuring your tool is always kept in peak condition and parts always conform to your specification keeping any complaints and waste to a minimum.


Vision Visual Measuring Machines (VMMs) are at the forefront of dimensional inspection, revolutionizing industries that demand the utmost precision.


What Are Vision Measuring Machines?


Imagine a tool that can flawlessly measure intricate dimensions, contours, and geometries of complex parts.


That's where Vision VMMs shine.


Combining advanced optics, cutting-edge cameras, and precise software algorithms, these machines provide non-contact measurement solutions that outperform traditional methods.


Read more about our LVC400 3-Axis Video Measurement System


Vision VMMs employ non-contact techniques, eliminating any risk of damage to delicate components. This means that even the most fragile or intricate parts can be measured with unparalleled accuracy.


The marriage of optics and software ensures precision down to the micrometer level. Vision VMMs are engineered to capture even the tiniest details, enabling manufacturers to maintain rigorous quality standards.


From tiny electronic components to complex aerospace parts, Vision VMMs can handle a wide range of objects, regardless of size, shape, or material.


Thanks to their automated measurement processes, Vision VMMs reduce inspection time significantly. This not only boosts productivity but also allows us to meet tight production deadlines.


The software integrated into Vision VMMs translates captured data into comprehensive visual reports. This simplifies analysis and decision-making, ensuring that quality control remains top-notch.


Vision VMMs play a pivotal role in quality control during the manufacturing process. From automotive to electronics, they ensure that each component meets the desired specifications.


CMM (Co-Ordinate measuring)


Contact Measuring Machines are advanced instruments that turn this vision into reality. By employing touch probes and intricate measuring techniques, these machines offer unparalleled accuracy in capturing the geometry of objects.


The Nordell coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is a device that measures the geometry of physical objects by sensing discrete points on the surface of the object with a probe.


At the core of Contact Measuring Machines is their ability to deliver high-precision measurements.


By utilising tactile probing methods, these machines ensure that even the tiniest deviations are captured with exceptional accuracy.


Various types of probes are used in CMMs, including mechanical, optical, laser, and white light. Depending on the machine, the probe position may be manually controlled by an operator, or it may be computer-controlled.


CMMs typically specify a probe's position in terms of its displacement from a reference position in a three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system.


Contact Measuring Machines can capture intricate 3D profiles, enabling a comprehensive analysis of complex surfaces and geometries.


This capability is invaluable for industries that deal with intricate designs. From automotive parts to precision-engineered components, Contact Measuring Machines ensure that manufactured products adhere to exacting specifications.


Like our VMM, the CMM provides measurements to 1-micron accuracy and is typically used on larger parts.


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