Communication Is Key
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Communication Is Key

As a leading plastic injection moulding company, we have always prioritised communication here at Nordell, both internally and externally.


But it wasn't until two years ago that we truly found a solution that took our internal communication policies to the next level.


Enter Workvivo, the internal communication platform that Nordell adopted in 2019.


(Workvivo has recently announced some very exciting news about their acquisition by Zoom. We see this as a bonus as we will still have the same Workvivo team developing a great platform, whilst integrating some of the great Zoom features such as the ability to hold live virtual Townhall meetings.)


Since then, we have seen immense employee engagement, collaboration, and overall productivity benefits.


Numerous Benefits


The benefits of Workvivo for Nordell are numerous, according to Head of Sales and Marketing Daniel Grover.


"We have seen a marked improvement in employee engagement and productivity since we started using Workvivo," he says.


"The platform has allowed us to communicate more effectively with our staff, which has led to better collaboration, increased motivation, and a more positive workplace culture."


2-Way Communication


One of the key benefits of Workvivo is its ability to facilitate two-way communication between management and employees.


With the platform, Nordell staff can easily provide feedback on company initiatives, as well as share ideas and suggestions for improvement through our monthly surveys on Workvivo. "This has been invaluable for us as a company," says Daniel.


"It allows us to get a better understanding of our staff’s wants and needs, which in turn helps us to make better decisions."


Staff Collaboration


In addition to facilitating communication between management and staff, Workvivo has also enabled employees to connect and collaborate with each other more easily.


This proved particularly important during the pandemic, where a number of Nordell staff worked remotely, whilst the platform allowed us to communicate effectively to the whole team during social distancing.


"Workvivo was a lifeline for us during the pandemic," says Daniel. "It has allowed us to stay connected and engage with our staff, even when we couldn’t be together in person."


Promoting Company Values


A screengrab of a mobile phone with the Workvivo app running on it.


Another benefit of Workvivo for Nordell has been the platform's ability to promote company values and culture.


With the platform, Nordell staff can easily access information about the company's mission, vision, and values, as well as stay up-to-date on company news and events.


"Workvivo has helped us to create a more transparent and open workplace culture," says Daniel. "This has led to greater employee satisfaction and retention."




Overall, the benefits of Workvivo for Nordell have been significant.


The platform has enabled the company to communicate more effectively with its staff, facilitate collaboration and engagement, promote company culture and values, and ultimately increase productivity and employee satisfaction.


"Communication is key for Nordell," says Daniel. "And with Workvivo, we have found a solution that truly works for us.”

Posted 1 year ago By Nordell HQ
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