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We have been at the forefront of the Plastics industry for over 50 years, so it’s safe to say that we find plastic injection moulding, or anything related to plastics quite interesting. However, we are also sure that most people do not think injection moulding screams ‘fun’ or ‘excitement’. Have you ever stopped to think about what things you use around the home, or in business that are made using injection moulding? Here are 5 products you may encounter throughout the day that are made using plastic injection moulding.




Covid is on everyone’s minds; the vaccine has had a steady and successful rollout and we are all very close to the time that normality can fully resume, but did you know that the syringe used to deliver the vaccine was made using the same processes we use?




Our state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities allow us to produce products like vials and PCR plates for the medical industry all the way to mechanical chassis and cosmetic covers. Additionally, our manufacturing capability allows us to produce these 24/7.


Screw Caps


You’ve had a bottled drink before, right? Well even if you haven’t you’ve likely seen the ingenious design of the screw cap, made much like all of the products on this list, they’re made through injection moulding, their production is very satisfying to watch, and their usefulness is unprecedented.





First available in 1949, everyone’s favourite coloured plastic toy has become staple in many households growing up. From simple blocks allowing children to learn and play through to intricate and impressive structures for the older enthusiast, each brick or component, much like most plastic products, is produced through injection moulding.


They use firmer plastic granules that are superheated to 270°c, injected into a block shape and then cooled into a solid shape. Think about that next time you step on a Lego brick!


lego brick plastic nordell

Mop heads


This may seem particularly out of left-field, as not all mops are made entirely of plastic; you can’t attach the fabric or sponge to something using injection moulding. What you can do is create the clip and housing used in mop heads to keep it in place. Another example of where we are able to provide solutions for not just the consumer but also for the commercial world.


mop head plastic nordell


Washing up bowls


You’ve finished cooking a lovely meal for friends and family but what is left over is a large pile of dirty pots, pans and crockery. For those that do not have a dishwasher, the only option is to fill up the washing bowl and get stuck in. When you do that, you’re using an injection moulding product, just like the others on this list a form of plastic is superheated to that 270°c temperature, injected into a mould of the shape we want (a bowl) and then cooled down until it hardens again. This allows us to mass-produce products like the 5 above without compromising quality.


washing up bowl plastic nordell


At Nordell, we manufacture and supply products to every corner of the globe, operating a fully traceable system, giving agility to provide replenishment programmes suited to our customers' needs. With our highly trained and experienced Quality team, our parts are supplied right first and every time.


We are able to manufacture specialist parts in higher volumes for a lower cost, get in touch for a quote. A single production cycle to make a finished part may take anywhere from a few seconds to minutes depending on part complexity and size. Volume and cycle time are two key factors that impact cost for production parts manufacture; we are happy to quote you a variable price dependant on production batch size.


To discuss your project with us or learn more about how Nordell can help manufacture your item, contact us via or by calling 01903 235 765.

Posted 3 years ago By Nordell HQ
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