Introducing Our New LVC400 3-Axis Video Measurement System
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Introducing Our New LVC400 3-Axis Video Measurement System

As a champion of precision and innovation in manufacturing, Nordell is proud to introduce a pivotal addition to our quality control arsenal: the Vision Engineering LVC400 3-axis video measurement system.


Merging cutting-edge technology with our unwavering commitment to excellence, this automated measuring system exemplifies our dedication to delivering superior products and services to a global clientele across diverse industries.


In this blog post, we delve into the transformative capabilities of the LVC400 and how it reinforces Nordell's position as a standard-bearer of precision manufacturing.


Our Expertise & Equipment


Our modern injection moulding facility houses 38 highly efficient moulding machines with a capacity of up to 380T.


We offer flexible manufacturing solutions to our customers, allowing medium to high volume production on a 24/5 basis in batch sizes of over 1 million parts if required.


In addition to first-class injection moulding and product assembly facilities, we also offer a range of complementary services, including an ISO Class 7 cleanroom, toolmaking and maintenance, an inhouse build and assembly department for customer’s bespoke product build (including ultrasonic welding & printing), plus full product testing and quality assurance.


In addition to technical manufacturing services, Nordell offers a range of logistics and replenishment options, including DLF Direct Line Feed and Kanban systems.


Given our reputation for quality and precision, we serve a global customer base operating across various demanding sectors, including the medical, automotive and oil and gas industries.


To ensure we retain our hard-won reputation for quality, Nordell provides its skilled quality assurance staff with first-class tools.


The latest addition to our quality department is a recently installed Vision Engineering LVC400 3-axis video measurement system.


In addition to delivering outstanding levels of precision, the fully automated CNC system now provides the ease and speed of use that enables our staff to keep pace with the flow of parts passing through the company’s busy QC department.


Explaining the reason behind LVC400’s purchase, our Technical Director Paul Rowe said:


“Previously, although our staff were using a wide range of accurate inspection equipment, because of dissimilar operating systems and different operator’s ‘feel’, occasionally they would achieve slightly different readings.


“Quality is central to Nordell's business philosophy. Therefore, to ensure we were able to guarantee highly precise, repeatable measurements without the technique of the instrument or the user being factors, we undertook a search for suitably accurate and repeatable automated measuring system.


LVC400 Capabilities


LVC400 fully automated 3-axis measuring system has the ability and versatility to meet the needs of demanding manufacturing environments.


With a range of 400mm x 300mm x 200mm, the advanced CNC system is ideal for accurately measuring single large components or large batches of smaller parts.


Built on a robust granite base to provide stability, LVC400 features a high-resolution 5MP USB3 camera and a high-precision X-Y stage, making it Vision Engineering's most accurate, large-format measuring system to date.


The system is used worldwide in areas such as precision engineering, plastic moulding, electronics, and in the manufacture of medical devices.


“Our Vision Engineering LVC400 machine now allows us to very accurately and quickly check the critical measurements on some of the most complex parts we produce and to ensure that we always manufacture parts to our customers' exact specifications.


“(It) uses an advanced non-contact optical system for component inspection and provides accuracy measured in microns.


"Typically, we use LVC400 to inspect small, lightweight components with challenging, high-accuracy specifications."




Incorporating the Vision Engineering LVC400 3-axis video measurement system into our quality control processes marks another significant stride towards perfection at Nordell.


With this state-of-the-art technology, we are primed to offer our customers nothing short of meticulous precision and uncompromising quality.


As we continue to push boundaries, uphold standards, and exceed expectations, the LVC400 stands as a testament to our unyielding commitment to excellence in every facet of our operations.


At Nordell, precision is not just a goal; it is a way of doing business, and the LVC400 is a shining embodiment of this principle.

Posted 11 months ago By Nordell HQ
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