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Nordell Supports Returnerships

When Jeremy Hunt gave his Budget speech in March a new word emerged that we are sure will be trending for a while – "Returnerships”.


So, what is a Returnership? It was simply described as a "new kind of apprenticeship targeted at the over 50s who want to return to work".


The government estimates that 3.5m people of pre-retirement age are economically inactive.


The chancellor claimed that his measures could help add an extra one million to the UK’s workforce, which is experiencing a skills shortage.




The government’s Returnership scheme will aim to reskill and up-skill over 50s, focusing on flexibility and previous experience.


The Returnerships will operate alongside skills boot camps and sector-based work academies.


Thousands of Brits will be helped to take stock of their work, well-being, and finances through a £5 million expansion of the DWP's "Mid-life MOT" initiative.


Midlife MOTs


As part of the expansion, Mid-life MOTs will be delivered online, in the private sector and through the Department for Work and Pension's (DWP's) national network of jobcentres.


The Mid-life MOT expansion gives people the tools to assess where they currently are and how they can get to where they want to be – whether it's the next career move or ensuring they're on track for the retirement they want.


Returnerships: Why Bother?


So, what’s the motivation for the employee?


Well, there are plenty of reasons why someone may want to reskill and look for a new job:




Clearly, a key reason if someone is not yet entitled to claim a full pension and wishes to top up their retirement pot or have some additional disposable income.




Someone may have been previously employed in a senior management role and would like a change of position to something completely different. "A Change is as good as a rest".


The challenge


People cannot resist a challenge, and work brings that. So rather than stop working, why not have a new challenge in a different role?


Sense of Purpose


Coming to work in a job that is enjoyable provides a sense of purpose.


Team & People


People generally enjoy the company of other people, and working in a team creates a sense of belonging and camaraderie as well as providing an opportunity to develop friendships and have human interaction.


A chart from ONS illustrating the reasons why people of different ages leave the workforce.


So, What Is Our View, And How Can We Support Returnerships?


At Nordell, we welcome the government announcement on Returnerships.


We believe our greatest strength is our team. With great people, we have built a great company.


Our policy is to recruit the best candidate for our roles regardless of background.


We are proud to have a diverse team delivering a broad range of skills, experience, ideas and perspectives. We welcome applications for our vacancies from individuals from all backgrounds.


We welcome candidates over 50 who wish to return to the workplace. We believe these individuals bring significant experience and knowledge that can only be learnt over time and are a great compliment and asset to our team.


Should you wish to be considered for a role at Nordell, why not email us at


We currently have very few vacancies but would be happy to let you know if something suitable comes up.

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