Working From Home & Returning To The Office

By Dan Grover, Head of Commercial

It was fantastic to spend a day back in the office and factory yesterday!


Having worked from home since March, taking the ¾ hours’ drive to Nordell from my home seemed strange! What was even stranger was stopping for fuel, something I haven’t had to do since March!! The environment has definitely benefited from fewer journeys to the office.


Working from home is great and has a lot of benefits, however there are downsides such as isolation and missing the daily contact with the Nordell team who are continuing to do a fantastic job despite the obvious challenges. Yes, the leadership team meet twice a day on MS Teams, but getting to catch up with the wider team was great!


So much has changed at Nordell in the months I have been working at home. Our toolroom has moved to a new space in the factory to make space for our new class 7 cleanroom which is now operational and new faces have joined the team to support our strong growth to name a few.


We have embraced home working and it now feels like the norm. I suspect those that can, will continue to partially work from home, splitting time in the office and home.


Home working has less distractions (apart from my 5 dogs who think it’s fun that I’m at home) allowing me to focus on several key projects. Our new website and new corporate brand will relaunch soon, and we are launching Workvivo on the 5th of August; an internal communication platform giving all Nordell employees information in real time and providing them the tools to communicate their news. It’s a Business and Social platform linked to our core business values, so it does exactly what I want it to do and it’s easy to use. If I can use it, anyone can!!


We continue to invest in new technologies and sector capability at Nordell. If you are interested in working with us then get in touch.

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