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New project – Design for Manufacture

If you have a new project and are looking for a solutions provider to work with from the initial conceptualisation to the culmination of tool production, our experts are here to help.


With over five decades of accumulated expertise in engineering polymers, design for manufacture, toolmaking and manufacturing, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.


We understand the paramount importance of early engagement in the project lifecycle, a practice that can save both time and resources by circumventing costly pitfalls.


From the first consultation, we offer valuable insights and innovative solutions to enhance time and cost efficiencies.


With Nordell as your trusted partner, your project will meet and exceed your expectations, delivering exceptional results within the agreed-upon timelines.


Your journey towards a successful project begins here.

Our New Project Process

In order to progress with your new project, our team always kindly requests the following information:


  • Any 2D drawings and/or 3D design
  • An idea of volume (for costing purposes)
  • An overview of the requirements of your part and where it is going to be used (to support polymer selection)


Once we have this information, we will complete a mould flow analysis of your part using our Solidworks design software.


We can manufacture a prototype for sign-off when the design has been approved.


You can learn more about our rapid prototyping services to see how this stage of the process is completed.


Construction of the part is then usually finalised using Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology.


You will be allocated a dedicated project manager from our NPI (New Product Introduction) team who will manage the project launch process on your behalf.


We will work with you to get your product to market in the quickest possible timescale by agreeing to your launch date in advance and aligning to the shortest lead times.


We would expect to meet face to face at least twice a month in the early project stages and increase the frequency to weekly as we progress to launch.


Find out more about the process below.

Our Robust Development Process:


Concept & Requirements

  • Discovery meeting or project/enquiry file review, for discussion to fully understand the product application and project performance, quality, timescale and budget requirements.
  • Provisional assessment of risk or variance to expectations, with brief to customer on initial observations and recommendations for approval prior to offer.

Design for Manufacture

Investigation and Development
  • Offer & Project Commercialisation.
  • Standardise materials, colours, number of parts, Inserts and build Operations.
  • Product and Design exploration with Sector cross pollination.
  • Initial FMEA & Control Plan.
  • Project Management.
  • Report & Proposals to Client.
  • Prototype and review.

Product Tooling Design & Manufacture

Tooling and Sampling
  • Design Freeze with 2D drawings & 3D files.
  • Tool Design GA customer approval.
  • Tool Manufacture.
  • Product & Tool identification standard for asset and labelling.
  • Product ERP structure, Centre selection, Bill of Materials and route standardisation.
  • Product materials procurement.
  • Production trials scheduling.

Product & Tooling Trials

  • Customer update.
  • Tooling and production trials.
  • T1 Sample submission.
  • Review, Tune & Development.
  • Tooling and Production Trials.
  • T2 Sample submission.
  • Sampling Review.

Product Part Approval

Verification and Validation
  • PPAP Product Part Approval Process.
  • First Article Inspection reports.
  • FMEA review.
  • Tooling Review.
  • Pilot production requirements.
  • Tooling Acceptance.

Product Approved

  • Transfer to commercial teams.
  • Product can be scheduled against production requirements.
  • Delivery terms reviewed (VMI, KANBAN).
  • Review.

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