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What Is A Cleanroom?


Nordell is very proud to be able to offer cleanroom manufacturing services to our clients.


A cleanroom is an environment where pollutants are filtered out so in order to provide the cleanest area possible. They allow the manufacture of various products like electronics, pharmaceutical products and medical equipment.


There are various different classifications of contamination which depend on the amount of particles allowed into the environment per cubic meter.


Cleanroom Standards


Nordell’s state of the art 97m2 Class 7 cleanroom manufacturing technology offers very high cleanroom standards.


Our cleanroom environment significantly decreases the chances of product pollution and provides a clean air area for production using 14 ULPA (Ultra-Low Particular Air Filtration) filters delivering 60 air changes per hour. ULPA efficiency rating removes 99.999% or airborne particles.
Total Clean Air (TCA) logo which proves Nordell's cleanroom is of high quality for cleanroom injection moulding services


Further contamination is prevented through the use of Cleanroom PPE such as gowning, hair nets and overshoes, reducing fibres and potential contaminants from entering the cleanroom and interfering with production and research.


5 Injection mould presses are housed within our cleanroom with clamp forces of 50tn to 120tn allowing us to provide fast and effective cleanroom injection moulding services.


Building A Cleanroom


Nordell’s clean room was designed and built by TCA (Total Clean Air Limited) of Redhill, Surrey.


Paul Mason, Manging Director, Nordell comments:


“Phil Godden and his team at TCA did a fantastic job in delivering a bespoke cleanroom solution which met our needs within six weeks. They were able to seamlessly guide us through the process and offer workable solutions to any build challenges.”


You can watch a short time lapse video of our cleanroom being built below.


To find out more about our cleanroom injection moulding services, contact us today.

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