Plastic Extrusion

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Plastic extrusion is the continuous process of producing a core by forcing molten plastic granules though a die. The granules are fed from a mounted hopper into the barrel of the extruder and then heated and mixed. The melted granules are pressed into the die (which gives the molten plastic its shape) and then drawn through the extrusion tool and passed through a series of forming gates where the extruded core is cooled with water jets to set the final product.


Nordell have been manufacturing Plastic Extruded Cores & Tubes for almost 40 years and benefit from 24-hour production which is linked to our ERP system through real-time monitoring.


Nordell produce a wide range of Cores, Tubes and Profiles up to 125mm diameter in a varied range of materials including HDPE, PP, ABS, HIPPS, Noryl, ASA, Polycarbonate, PCABS, PVC and more. Our full suite of modular tooling provides tube options in small batches across the entire size range both in our UK and China facilities.


Nordell produce a full range of Cores and Tubes which can be cut and customised to requirements which eliminates the tooling costs to manufacture bespoke sizes. Let us know the diameter and quantity you require and we will be happy to quote from our standard core sizes or if you require a dedicated size and format we will be happy to prepare a tooling and parts quote.


Over 50% of our core and tube manufacture is exported to Europe and China. Our extruded cores and used in a broad array of markets including medical, pharmaceutical, commercial and food processing markets.


Nordell provide secondary processes alongside the plastic extrusion manufacture including online and offline cutting, offline notching and demand replenishment requirements.


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