Annual Beach Clean to Support the Local Worthing Community!
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Nordell Team Cleans Up for a Cause

At Nordell, the commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond the manufacturing world.


As an integral part of the local Worthing community, the Nordell team comes together each year for a special initiative that embodies their dedication to environmental stewardship and community support - the Annual Beach Clean!


This year's beach clean occurred at Worthing Beach, West Sussex, on Friday, 28th July 2023.


The Annual Beach Clean is an enjoyable team event in the Nordell calendar.


The Nordell team always looks forward to supporting our local community. Armed with rubbish pickers, gloves, rubbish bags, and a determination to make a difference, the team sets out to clean up the beach, removing litter that may harm the marine ecosystem and spoil the area's natural beauty.


Nordell's dedication to environmental stewardship is not just a one-day affair.


The Nordell team continuously reviews our manufacturing processes, ensuring we continue to minimise our impact on the environment.


The Annual Beach Clean is an extension of our eco-conscious efforts, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability in line with our ISO14001 accreditation.


The beach clean is not just a Nordell endeavour. Other local companies, volunteers and like-minded organisations can also be seen picking up Beach litter throughout the year.


Team Nordell is always willing to support as it fosters a deeper connection between the company and its community.


The Annual Beach Clean's impact extends far beyond Worthing's shores.


It sends a powerful message of environmental responsibility and community engagement, inspiring others to take action in their own communities.


By leading with example, Nordell sets off a ripple effect of positivity and responsible citizenship that contributes to the greater good.


After a productive morning of beach cleaning, the Nordell team celebrated with pizzas and soft drinks on the Beach!


Of course, all the rubbish was bagged and taken away for recycling!


Nordell's Annual Beach Clean exemplifies our ethos of making a difference beyond the factory floor. Together, we build a brighter and cleaner future for Worthing and beyond!


A montage of images to show Nordell workers carrying out the annual beach clean in Worthing.

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