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Senior Production Engineer - Richard Tickner

Richard-Tickner-senior-product-engineerRichard joined Nordell in 2020 as Senior Technical Engineer with a vast experience of engineering, extending to over 20 years in multiple sectors including medical consumables manufacturing. Richards supports Nordell’s development by providing innovative engineering solutions and continuous improvements for Nordell and our customers. Richard’s experience of setting up cleanroom facilities was invaluable as we built and commissioned our new Class 7, 300m2 cleanroom, housing 15 mould presses, becoming fully operational at the end of March 2021 after a 6-month build.


What is a Senior Production Engineer?


A Senior production engineer must wear many “hats”, with Richard responsible for formalising the company’s production processes and procedures with the technical and engineering teams whilst striving for continuous productivity and quality improvements & enhancements.


The Senior Production Engineer job description extends across many pages, with key responsibilities reading like a “shopping list” and including:


⦁ The documentation of current production procedures and the creation of standards in conjunction with the quality team to improve efficiency.


⦁ To drive the development and implementation of production processes for new products, product enhancements and product changes.


⦁ The identification and implementation of continuous improvements to production processes.


⦁ Ensure technical expertise of current production best practices is maintained and transferred to employees. This is a key function for Richard and the transfer of knowledge to other team members is the best gift of all!


⦁ Support advanced technical work that develops new technologies and/or product features and develop and implement engineering design solutions.


⦁ Use modeling to confirm whether new developments and innovations would work and are cost-effective


⦁ Develop technical specifications and supplier documentation for new technologies


⦁ Minimising overall production costs, while maximising productivity.


⦁ Identify engineering and manufacturing challenges and develop solutions to resolve


⦁ Create and maintain accurate and current documentation of tool drawings, design concepts and orders, in accordance with the Product Development and Quality Assurance functions.


⦁ Source and/or develop new equipment as required.


⦁ Design processes and layouts to create an efficient and LEAN manufacturing process.


⦁ Working for a technical plastics moulder, Richard needs to have an extensive knowledge of polymers and use this knowledge to find the best manufacturing solution for the customer.
⦁ Lead, develop and mentor the Production & Setting team.


⦁ Be a subject matter expert on systems under specialty and with a detailed understanding of how systems interact



Nordell has grown significantly over the last 12 months, with Richard playing an instrumental role in setting up our new Class 7 cleanroom from scratch. Nordell’s cleanroom is now fully established with 15 moulding machines, manufacturing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hard to believe the first part of the cleanroom was only commissioned in July 2020 and was completed 6 months later in December 2020!


Now the hard work starts, with Richard using his time-served skills and experience to develop the Nordell team, fine-tune processes and enhance our manufacturing efficiencies through process optimisation. The target is to ensure Nordell’s team is mentored and trained to industry-leading standards and through the team, optimise processes to ensure the manufacturing is LEAN and efficient with production downtime minimised.


Richard is a true engineer, and those who engage with cannot fail to see his enthusiasm for engineering and be awed by years of industry knowledge. The remit of a Senior Production Engineer is vast, with Richard holding a very important and pivotal role at Nordell. You may be forgiven for thinking that Richard may not find the time for anything else, however he does! Richard is a secret “Petrolhead” and likes nothing better than testing his racing skills on the track. With over 500 BPH under the bonnet in his BMW M5 Competition Pack!! Richard clearly enjoys life in the fast lane!!


BMW-M5-Nordell-Worthing BMW-m5-Competition-nordell

Many thanks to BMW for these images
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