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Celebrating Two Years Of Workvivo

It’s hard to believe it is coming up to two years since Nordell launched the Workvivo communication platform into the business!


As you may know, the company has recently enjoyed accelerated growth.


In 2020 we went from just over 60 employees to more than 190 in less than a year. This brought its fair share of challenges, not least the best way to share our internal news with the workforce.


New Challenges – New Technology


When we looked at innovative and more effective ways of 2-way communication with our team, we were immediately hooked on Workvivo as the solution.
At the time, Workvivo was a relatively new company.


Based in Ireland, it was only launched in 2017. However, the platform resonated immediately as it linked Nordell’s company values with communications and provided a transparent and real-time platform.


Workvivo has proved invaluable (if not essential) as the Nordell business grew.


It’s a great way to keep the team updated, especially now that we operate from three sites.


The platform is available on desktop and mobile. The noticeboards hanging on the walls are now gone (which would inevitably have some out-of-date material and no way of getting staff feedback). They have been replaced with one digital noticeboard.


A Growing Partnership


Since we were introduced to the company Workvivo has grown rapidly, expanding internationally.


Despite this, the customer relationship is still King.


Workvivo very much mirrors Nordell’s dedication to delivering a great customer experience and "Deliver what matters most to our customers".


It was great to hear from John Goulding, Workvivo CEO, recently.


He said:


“We are definitely obsessed about your experience as a customer, and it is very encouraging to get your positive feedback on this. Thank you also for being one of our early customers...you placed your faith in us when we were much earlier in our journey and that is very much appreciated.”


There’s no doubt the platform has become an invaluable tool for Nordell, allowing us to effectively communicate with our growing workforce.


If your business is looking for a better way of communicating with your team, the Workvivo platform comes highly recommended.

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